Flat Screen Printing Machine

What Is Flat Screen Printer?

Flat Screen Printer is an automated version of the silk screen process. It is semi-continuous printing process in which color is forced onto the fabric through a series of flat screens, one screen per color. which is still commonly found in printing houses.

The printing plate of the flat screen printing machine is a flat screen version, and the flat screen printing machine has both a guide belt and a plate.

LiCheng is a professional flat screen printer manufacturer, main provide 2 kinds of printing machine: flat screen printing machine and hot air stenter machine.

What's Advantages of LiCheng Flat Screen Printer?

a) Easy and convenient for operation.

b) High printing precision and production speed.

c) Low malfunction rate and maintenance cost.

d) Applicable to a wide range of fabrics printing process .

e) Its appearance is stylish and beautiful.

f) Adopted soft platen with customizable length and quantity of colors.


Licheng Flat Screen Printer Factory, its main industry is design, R&D and manufacturing a series of printing and dyeing machineries, such as Hot Air Stenter, Flat Screen Printing Machine.

Flat Screen Printer