The bi-annual textile machine event was grandly opened, let us feel the power of technological progr

Abst:On October 15, the biennial China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)....

On October 15, the biennial China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

The exhibition attracted exhibitors from 28 countries and regions including China, Germany, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. The total number of exhibitors exceeded 1,700, and the scale of the exhibition exceeded 180,000 square meters. The historical high of the exhibition. For more than a decade, the joint exhibition has been the vane of industrial development. The veins and processes of China's and even the global textile industry can find the clearest footprint here. They have been integrated into every innovative product and technology of textile machinery enterprises. in. Zhuolang, Rieter, China Textile Machinery Group, Rifa Textile Machinery, St. Donny, Stäubli, Picanol, Yuanxin Industry, Titan, Licheng Technology and other well-known domestic and foreign brands have all arrived, for a period of five days. During the exhibition period, many new textile machinery technologies, new equipment and new ideas will release new energy here.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, Party Secretary and Secretary-General of the China National Textile and Apparel Council Gao Yong, President Sun Ruizhe, former president Du Yuzhou, Wang Tiankai, former vice president Xu Kunyuan, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Jiang Shicheng, Zhejiang Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Committee Director Mao Guanglie, SASAC Zhang Tao, Director of the Party Construction Committee of the Industry Association Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Wenhong, Director of the Bureau of Service Administration of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Wang Dong, Inspector of the Industry Coordination Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Li, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Service of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Deputy Director of the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Cao Xuejun, researcher Chen Xinwei, Cao Xuejun, Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Division of the Department of High-Tech Development and Industrialization of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Yang Jichao, Xia Lingmin, Vice Chairman of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, Chen Weikang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Jiuxin, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Xu Yingxin, Vice President Duan Xiaoping, Sun Huaibin, former vice president Chen Shujin, Zhang Yanxi, Zhang Li, President of China Textile Machinery Association Wang Shutian, Vice President of China International Exhibition Center Group Zheng Shizhen, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Liang Pengcheng, Vice President of China Textile Machinery Association Long and equal leadership The guests visited the exhibition in three ways.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the tour team led by Gao Yong and Wang Tiankai visited the exhibitors of some spinning, chemical fiber and non-woven equipment in Hall H1 and Hall H2.

At the booth of China Textile Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., the delegation visited the corporate culture gallery and exhibition equipment accompanied by Wu Xudong, secretary of the party committee of Jingwei Textile Machinery, and the head of the deputy general manager Shi Jianping. They repeatedly stopped to ask about some integration. And more intelligent equipment, from cotton spinning full process solutions to automatic balers and new product technologies. During the visit, the leaders praised the company's service power in cotton spinning equipment technology. Gao Yong proudly introduced the current level of intelligent advancement of the textile industry to the leaders of the national ministries and commissions. With the improvement of equipment technology, domestic excellent cotton spinning The number of employees in the enterprise can reach 10, which is a qualitative leap compared to the hundreds of people at the beginning of the reform and opening up.

At the booth of Wuxi Hongyuan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Tiankai inquired about the operation of the company this year. Zhou Zhiqiang, the chairman of the company, said that in the past two years, Hongyuan Technology has been in good condition with the customer demand, and the order status is very good. Since 2018, the company Sales have reached nearly 700 million. The leaders learned in detail about the company's HY-9 automatic drop-type high-speed stretch yarn machine features.

Oerlikon's focus this year is on the Staple FORCE S 1100 staple fiber system. At the corporate booth, the tour group experienced the state of operation of the enterprise equipment through VR technology. According to the person in charge of the company, the system is characterized by small batch production and rapid reconfiguration. The system can produce 15 tons of staple fiber per day and is currently used in a company in Zhangjiagang.

At the booth of the Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., He Xuping, the president of the company, introduced the company's exhibits to the delegation. Gao Yong and Wang Tiankai carefully reviewed the RFJA40 high-speed air jet looms operating on site. He Xuping said that the equipment is high-speed, high-efficiency, energy-saving and consumption-reducing. Automation and other aspects are outstanding, and have a centralized networking function to meet the current transformation and upgrading needs of weaving companies.

At the Pacific Electromechanical Group booth, Gao Yong inquired in detail about the cost of the PTFM1001 intelligent electric spindle spinning machine. According to the introduction of the company's president, Guo Guozhong, the equipment has been optimized to not only greatly improve the equipment intelligence level, but also further reduce the cost. , can better meet customer needs.

At the booth of Zhejiang Titan Co., Ltd., Gao Yong specially inquired about the technical indicators of the TQF-K80 rotor spinning machine exhibited by the company. According to Chen Qixin, the chairman of the company, the equipment is highly intelligent, with high speed, low consumption and success. Excellent yarn quality and stability, suitable for natural fiber, regenerated cellulose fiber, chemical fiber and fiber blending. Gao Yong expressed his appreciation for the performance of the device. Later, I also learned about the new TT-858 intelligent direct drive rapier weaving machine.

At the Zhuolang booth, Gao Yong repeatedly praised the strength of enterprise equipment in industrial design. Many leaders said that these equipments are as beautiful and beautiful as crafts. At the same time, everyone is more appreciative about the company's product technology. On the spot, accompanied by Pan Xueping, Chairman and CEO of Jinsheng Group, I learned about the company's world premiere JSC 328A carding machine and the innovation of Asia's first exhibition. Joint solution. According to reports, the exhibition has three major innovations in the exhibition, and the big show enterprises are leading the textile industry 4.0.

At the stand of Rieter Company, Gao Yong learned more about the technical situation of the enterprise jet vortex spinning equipment, and asked about the suitable spinning range of the equipment and the spun yarn. According to Hu Benshi, the company's managing director of China, the technology's spinnable range is 16S-60S, which gives the end product a good feel when spinning cotton yarn. Gao Yong said that the industry is very concerned about this product technology, and how the performance of the product requires the customer to have the final say. The person in charge of Rieter is very confident about this and looks forward to more in-depth communication with customers.

At the booth of Best Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., accompanied by the chairman of the company, Sang Jianzhong, the leadership team learned about the new long-smart intelligent control of the collective doffing ring spinning machine of the enterprise BS589. According to reports, the device uses digital intelligent control to spin a variety of yarns. Sang Jianzhong said that there must be a craftsmanship in equipment and business. For many years, Best has been relying on products and technology to speak, not arrogant, but has more and more loyal customers. It is reported that the new product has been applied in a certain enterprise in Hubei, and the customer evaluation is very high.

Zhou Kaixiang, the chairman of the company, proudly introduced the equipment exhibited by the company to the leaders, because these intelligent products have made a great contribution to the company's sales this year. It is reported that the intelligent cotton roll handling system and AGV trolley and combing machine exhibited on the booth have been ordered by Zhejiang Blum. Gao Yong expressed his high recognition for the combing equipment of the blendable multi-fibers exhibited at Kai Palace.

Chongqing Jin Mao's booth design is very careful. According to Yang Chongming, the chairman of the company, the booth design is designed around the company's authoritative product, the program wire circle. At the corporate booth, Gao Yong, Cao Xuejun and other leaders asked the company to showcase the products, and expressed their appreciation for the efforts to consistently promote the progress of domestic equipment products.

In addition, the delegation also visited the booths of Jinfeng Textile Machinery, Golden Wheel Clothing, Tonghe Textile Machinery, Changling Textile, Tongling Songbao, Tianmen Textile Machinery, Suichang Technology and Sanyou.

At present, textile machinery enterprises keep up with efficiency, cost reduction, green environmental protection and intelligent market demand, and promote technological innovation in multiple dimensions – from single-machine transformation to improve unit production efficiency to complete and complete processes dedicated to continuous production. Programs and so on, all of which are in the forefront of the sustainable development of downstream industries and enterprises.

Sun Ruizhe and Du Yuzhou visited the exhibitors of Hall H3, Hall H4 and Hall H5.

In Hall H3, Sun Ruizhe and Du Yuzhou visited Jiangjia Machinery, Vanderville, Tsuda, Fengkai Machinery, Tianyi Hongqi Textile Machinery, Changshu Textile Machinery, Yida, Picanol, and Stäubli.

At the Haijia Machinery booth, Chairman Wang Anzhen introduced Sun Ruizhe to the energy saving and automation of his loom. At the Van Deville booth, Du Yuzhou experienced the production process of the Vanderville equipment workshop through VR technology; Sun Ruizhe learned in detail the advantages and differences of the ZAX9200i loom compared to the rapier loom in terms of speed, labor, energy consumption, fabric style, etc.; Dai Xiaoyu, general manager of Fengkai Machinery, introduced the advantages of its KT800 high-speed rapier loom. Sun Ruizhe suggested that the smart factory could be tried in conjunction with downstream user units. At the booth of Tianyi Hongqi Textile Machinery, Du Yuzhou learned about the company's main models and market share under the introduction of its chairman Liu Peide, and encouraged them to adhere to the high-end development route. At the Changshu Textile Machinery booth, Chairman Peng Xiaohong Sun Ruizhe and his party showed the actual production and operation of the multi-arm device directly from the user's workshop, which was fully recognized by the leaders. At the Dornier booth, Sun Ruizhe noticed the slogan of his green machine and specially asked about it. After calling it the reason of the green machine, he praised “this is the real green machine”; at the Stäubli booth, after learning that the automatic warp machine shown in it can replace the productivity of 12 workers, Sun Ruizhe's high recognition.

In Hall H4, Sun Ruizhe and Du Yuzhou visited Jinlong Technology, Biwo Machinery, Ruineng Technology, Wuyuan Machinery, St. Donny, Karl Mayer and other corporate booths. The leaders of Jinlong Technology observed their integrated shoe upper machine and learned about their market sales. During the visit, Sun Ruizhe acted on the new machine with high precision and high quality. In Karl Mayer, he learned more about the warp knitting machine that can replace the water jet loom. When he learned that Karl Mayer had a small amount of labor and land occupation, and had cooperated with the Shengze area, Sun Ruizhe and Du Yuzhou felt this. Alternatives to alternative R&D for other models are unique.

In Hall H5, Sun Ruizhe and Du Yuzhou and his entourage visited many famous printing and dyeing enterprises such as Xiaolong Printing and Dyeing, Hangzhou Honghua, Hope Hi-Tech, Guangdong Meijia Intelligent, Yingyou Textile Machinery and Hangzhou Open Source. In response to the country's increasingly demanding energy-saving and emission-reduction clean production, the development direction of equipment companies is also more clear. The scanning digital rotary net combination machine developed by Nine Dragons Printing and Dyeing dissolves the three technologies of digital, rotary net and flat net into one, which improves the adaptability of the equipment and reduces the process flow. The water can also be recycled. Du Yuzhou even claimed that this is very important. Yingyou Textile Machinery has significantly improved the energy saving and consumption reduction of equipment by changing the ratio of additives in disperse dyes; Honghua has now produced all digital products, and has become a domestic digital printing in keeping with and meeting market demand. The leader; I hope that the high-tech digital printing machine will make great efforts in the adaptability of the product, which can meet the demand for simultaneous printing of multiple fibers. The inkjet printer exhibited by Guangdong Meijia Intelligent can print 20 colors at the same time. There is a clear competitive advantage in meeting the needs of the consumer market personality. When Sun Ruizhe learned that the price of such a device was 20 million, he even said that it was too expensive for textile companies. If the problem of nozzles could be solved and the cost was greatly reduced, the market would open. The person in charge of the company said that they are working hard to reduce costs and have met the needs of downstream users. In view of Hangzhou Kaiyuan's construction of an industrial base in Zhejiang Changxing, focusing on how the local old factories can achieve the most technologically advanced upgrades, such as technology optimization, Du Yuzhou said that the old factory transformation is one of the most important contents of the textile industry upgrade. This idea is very good, the establishment of the base, the realization of modular transformation, so that the advancement is fast.

After the tour of the yarn exhibition held in the same period under the leadership of Xu Kunyuan and Yang Jichao, the third team visited the H4, H5, H6 part of the knitting, printing and dyeing equipment exhibitors.

Zhejiang Hengyi Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the research and development of high-end intelligent knitting machinery and knitting industry workshop. This exhibition, the company brought two intelligent knitting machines to participate in the exhibition. According to reports, the company can be based on customers. Demand, customized production of intelligent knitting machines, and unmanned transformation. In the process of communication with the company's responsible person, Xu Kunyuan stated that the purpose of automation is to ensure the quality of the products, to ensure the consistency and stability of the equipment, and to pay attention to the quality of the parts. The market for intelligent customized systems is promising in the future.

Subsequently, the delegation came to Jiangsu Jinlong Technology Co., Ltd., which produced "Dragon Star" brand multi-function computerized flat knitting machine, electronic multi-arm and machining center, CNC special machine tool and other products. This exhibition brought a variety of equipment to participate in the exhibition. The 3D upper knitting machine attracted the attention of the visiting group. The machine brought great changes to the whole shoe industry and expanded the new application field of computerized flat knitting machine. In recent years, knitwear has become more and more popular with its comfortable and comfortable features, and knitting machinery has also developed rapidly.

In Wuxi Gao Temai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Xu Kunyuan learned more about the company's jigger machine; Guangzhou Panyu Gaoxun Dyeing and Finishing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. exhibited a series of knitting & shuttle dyeing equipment at the exhibition. The company is committed to creating The application and development of green low-carbon dyeing and finishing equipment is widely used in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

As the only production equipment supplier in the world that can provide complete “pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing and reclaimed water reuse”, Xu Kunyuan visited the exhibition equipment in detail at the Hengtian Lixin booth and detailed the relevant situation of the company. The understanding of Hengtian Lixin pays attention to the balanced development between industry and ecological environment, and praises the actions of R&D and manufacturing of energy-saving and consumption-reducing dyeing and finishing equipment.

In Zhejiang Licheng Printing and Dyeing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Kunyuan asked about the development of enterprises since the beginning of this year. In recent years, with the attention of the whole society to environmental protection, the printing and dyeing industry is accelerating the adjustment and transformation and locking in high-quality development. For printing and dyeing equipment technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency, digitization and intelligence have become the mainstream of innovation. In this exhibition, Licheng Technology demonstrated the technological innovations of these enterprises through three heavy products.

In Changsheng Textile Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the company's transfer printing and dyeing technology has attracted a lot of attention. Its cold transfer printing technology can solve the environmental problems of dye printing, achieve clean production, and the quality of printing is comparable to the quality of digital inkjet printing, which can promote the added value of printing processing and improve environmental pollution and energy saving.

At present, green development is an inevitable requirement for building a high-quality modern economic system and a fundamental strategy for solving environmental pollution problems. Energy-saving, low-carbon, recycling, efficient and sustainable green development is the only way to cultivate new industries, new formats, new models and other new development kinetic energy. It is the printing and dyeing industry to break through resources and environmental constraints, solve energy-saving and environmental protection pressures, and achieve transformation. The fundamental way to upgrade. At the exhibition, many companies have already understood the development trend of this industry and accelerated the pace of technological innovation to accumulate energy for their sustainable development.

In the next four days, people will feel more deeply that China's textile industry is rooted in equipment technology, and these will certainly become an important support for the transformation and upgrading of the industry.