The 40th to 50th of the ITMA ASIA+CITME 2018 TOP 50 popularity list was announced

Abst:The five-day China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition closed on October 19. In this exhibition, the level of equipment intelligence of exhibiting enterprises has been significantly improved, and the equipment technology has paid more attention to green environmental protection. In order to better display the company's featured exhibits, our reporter tracked the innovations of nearly 100 exhibiting companies at home and abroad, and opened the show for the latest and most avant-garde products of 70 companies in the official website of China Textile News. , voting channel!...


究竟哪家企业最受关注,哪些产品又是观众眼中的人气展品?我们今天就来揭晓由《中国纺织报》官微发起的 ITMA ASIA+CITME 2018 TOP 50人气榜(今日发布第41~50名,即日起每日发布一条,Top1~10将于1029日揭晓!)

ITMA ASIA+CITME 2018 TOP 50人气榜之41~50



















上榜理由:ZLH12-II-WAB开放式圆网印花机具备精确的控制系统与印花效果;4~16 套色的自由选择 满足织物多色彩的印花效果。F1平网印花机采用伺服电机驱动进口丝杆传动,气缸辅助有利于减少丝杆的磨损,延长使用寿命。ZCMD768热风拉幅定形机,适用于克重为50g/m2~700g/m2的棉、麻、毛、化纤等针织、机织物浸轧助剂、拉幅、烘燥、定形。












江苏精亚环境科技有限公司展出JYFO 型蜂窝式除尘机组和JYFZ-2节能型纺织轴流风机。

Reasons for the list: The JYFO type honeycomb dust removal unit is now the sixth generation product, which effectively filters and collects the fibers and dust in the air to purify the air. The domestic market share of the products exceeds 65%. The unit is compact in structure, with small floor space, high efficiency, low resistance and low energy consumption. JYFZ-2 textile axial flow fan is mainly used in textile air conditioning systems, and the current domestic market share of products is about 50%.



At this exhibition, Stäubli exhibited cutting-edge products such as complete jacquard device, CX 172 electronic jacquard machine, UNIVALETTE electronic jacquard machine, SAFIR S30 automatic warp machine, top-mounted rotary dobby machine and cam opening device.



Reasons for the list: Stäubli products are cleverly designed, such as the complete Jacquard with different types of weft insertion systems, equipped with LX and LXL jacquard machines, designed for the production of terry cloth and wide fabrics. The SAFIR S30 automatic warp machine is specially designed for the picking of long yarns. The device has the ability to pass through 16 heald frames/piercing rods and is ideal for high-density warp yarns. It is reported that an automatic warp machine can replace the productivity of 12 workers.


Xingang Textile Machinery

During the exhibition, the XGTH3-2 (280-inch) widest width double-sided Tricot warp knitting machine developed by Fujian Xingang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was launched worldwide.


Reasons for the list: XGTH3-2 (280-inch) Tricot warp knitting machine has more connecting rods than similar products, longer machine life, space saving, labor saving, fast speed, good stability, and more output than similar products in the market. 1 times, the price performance is obvious.

Tianqiping belt

Jinan Tianqi Special Flat Belt Co., Ltd. exhibited a variety of high-quality transmission belt products.


Reasons for the list: Tianqi's new energy-saving polyester belt has light, thin, soft, good wheel wrap, low bending energy consumption, and the size is not affected by environmental temperature and humidity, especially suitable for high speed, long car, Zhang Compared with the traditional nylon base belt, the high-speed spinning machine belt with the small adjustment range of the super-long spinning frame, the rotor spinning machine and the double twisting machine can save 10%-20%. It has played a positive role in promoting energy saving and emission reduction in the industry, and at the same time improved the quality of yarn.


Jiangsu Kaigong

Jiangsu Kaigong Machinery Co., Ltd. demonstrated innovative equipment such as JSFA3180 strip winder, JSFA2188 smart comber, JSFA2186 multi-fiber combing machine and JSFA016 intelligent cotton coil handling system. At the exhibition site, the JSFA019 intelligent truck that can automatically travel has attracted a lot of attention from the audience.


Reasons for the list: high-precision processing technology, safe and reliable. For example, JSFA3180 type winder is high-speed and high-efficiency, adopts flexible large-angle wrapping winding technology; JSFA2188 intelligent combing machine has intelligent continuous running system, which can realize continuous, automatic and unmanned operation intelligent production; JSFA2186 multi-fiber combing The machine can be applied to the combing of cotton-type chemical fiber and its blended, fine-staple cotton, long-staple cotton, cotton and linen blending and other raw materials.



At this exhibition, Wuxi Shipland Air Jet Loom Manufacturing Co., Ltd. exhibited the new generation SPR800A-PD-ET8C-230 air jet loom and SPR800B-PQ-ET4C-150Z air jet loom.


Reasons for the list: All models of Shiplan have realized an auxiliary solenoid valve to control two auxiliary nozzles (referred to as one for two) energy-saving and gas-saving design, which will greatly reduce the cost of electricity for the production of compressed air for customers, and save energy in air jet loom. There has been a new improvement in the issue of reducing consumption.