Components of the Flat Screen Printing Machine


Summarize the Main Structural Components of the Flat Screen Printer .

The Flat Screen Printing Machine generally consists of a printing unit combined with other unit machines and general-purpose devices, and is composed of a feeding device, a printing unit, a drying and a cloth discharging device, wherein the printing unit is a core part of the device:

1. Feeding device: The roll can be fed into the cloth and folded into the cloth as needed. The fabric passes through the guide roller, the gripper, the elastic adjusting roller (tension compensating device) and the edge picker to ensure that the fabric enters the machine with low tension and flatness. If a narrow fabric is printed, it can also be fed in double. In the feeding unit, a cyclone dust collecting device can also be used, which removes dust, fluff and yarn ends on the fabric by tapping and alternating brush, and then collects dust and fluff through the air passage by a powerful air suction device. In the dust box.

2. It is precisely because the printing unit is the core part of the flat screen printing machine, it contains:

Applicator: In order to make the fabric flat on the guide tape, water-soluble pulp patch and thermoplastic resin patch are usually used.

Guide cloth mechanism: The guide cloth mechanism is composed of a printing guide belt and a belt guide transmission system. The purpose of the printed tape is to lengthen the fabric from one frame to another.

Color frame lifting mechanism: When printing, the color frame will automatically drop to the point where the contact with the fabric is pressed to seal the color paste. After the printing is completed, the color frame needs to be immediately raised to a certain height, completely separated from the printed fabric, and then printed with the tape. Travel a flower back length.

Cleaning mechanism: During the printing process, the color paste will often infiltrate from the front of the cloth to the opposite side of the belt, and there are dirt and other dirt that must be cleaned in time.

3. Flower cloth drying machine: After the printed fabric is separated from the printing belt, it is sent to the conveyor belt of the flower drying machine for tension-free drying. The conveyor belt is woven from polyester monofilament into a mesh belt having a rough surface and a high air permeability.

The above is the composition of the flat screen printing machine. Or you can click hotairstenter for further information.