Printing Color of Flat Screen Printing Machine


Talking about the Management of Printing Color of Flat Screen Printer .

The purpose of print color management is to achieve the color information of different images transmitted by different flat screen printer input devices and output devices, so as to achieve consistency between devices with different final colors. Therefore, the basic concept of color management is the first choice of the device-independent color space conversion platform. The flat screen printing machine equipment describes the entire image system, and the color profile of the device is formed. The management of the printing color is as follows:

The flat screen printing machine has a corresponding relationship between the color space of the device and the standard and device-independent color space conversion platform, that is, the CMS system, in which the data file has a certain relationship when it is converted to the device, thereby achieving Pass the exact role of color information. Therefore, the flat screen printer inkjet printing system data files need to be converted between each device, display and printer, scanner to get the desired color.

In inkjet printing, the flat screen printer color management is used in the conversion platform as a more complex color management system. The final result of color management is the different dye concentrations, based on the so-called standard series, which will be the same as the repeated calculation of the color values of the subsequent three stimuli (in order to make the various colors can be included in a space in a certain order, three-dimensional coordinates The three independent parameters of the axis and color correspond to the establishment of a specific relationship for each color and spatial position. The corresponding one-person use this space is called the color space, and each color corresponds to the cover, Y, Z value three stimulation II" The value of the color. The three-dimensional color space of the three independent parameters can be the psychological properties of the color: hue, brightness, saturation, flat screen printing machine can also be three other parameters such as RGB, CMY, laboratory, in different color spaces The value of the value three is different.)

The flat screen printing machine itself measures the color, in this case, according to the concentration or injection standard series of inks, followed by the formula calculation (the printing method is the same as the conventional one), which can be understood as the total pixel filling in the print area" Pixel is better than ink. offer high-quality of flat screen printing machine, welcome your visit.