Introduction of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine


1. Man-machine interface control of open type rotary screen printing machine (that from the professional Hot Air Stenter manufacturer Licheng)

Each print position is equipped with an easy-to-operate ergonomic control panel on both sides to control the position of the print position. The longitudinal, diagonal, and diagonal pairs of flowers have a liquid crystal display (LCD) that clearly displays the selected settings.

2. Automatic screen stop function of open type rotary screen printing machine

The novel pulling mechanism is easy to operate and has the safety function of automatically stopping the parking.

3. Open circular screen printed magnetic bar scraper can be used simultaneously

The use of magnetic bars and squeegees in the same fabric printing allows the fabric to show flexibility and practicality during the printing process.

4. Servo motor

For better printing accuracy, Austrian B&R servo-controlled permanent magnet synchronous motors are used in each printing position. These motors are controlled by full-closed control. Each encoder produces a same angle adjustment on the motor for high-speed positioning. Used to turn the flower net to achieve the accuracy of the flower.\

5. Open type rotary screen printing machine can recycle water and save energy

The belt washing device is equipped with two brush rollers and a wiper blade. It uses circulating water to save energy and can be pulled out freely. It is easy to clean.

6. Open type rotary screen printing machine can change without stopping

The magnetic bar and the scraper can be used simultaneously on the same machine. Open net seat, multi-gear design, can quickly exchange various specifications of the net seat. The flower change network can be stopped.

7. The feeding cloth is divided into two types of feeding methods: no tension and tension, and has a dust collecting device for efficiently removing floating hair and debris.

8. Instant degaussing

When the fabric seam passes through the circular net, the magnetic table is automatically demagnetized instantaneously, which effectively prevents the occurrence of the seam marks.