Advantages of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine Automation System


Many Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine of textile printing and dyeing enterprises generally use multiple sets of color printing. If one pattern is eight colors, there must be eight flower net combinations, each color is realized by a flower net printing unit structure, and eight printing processes. The position synchronization must be strictly maintained between the flower nets to print accurate patterns.

However, in practice, due to mechanical wear caused by parts in the transmission structure, as well as a series of reasons such as loosening of the flower gear and deformation of the fabric, it is inevitable that the phenomenon of "wrong flower" or "running flower" often occurs, and the printing is reduced. Accuracy, low product yield. However, the conventional traditional method of adjusting flowers is to rely on manual visual observation, judgment, and adjustment. Once the printing is performed normally and quickly, the "missing flower" or "running flower" occurs, and it is difficult to rely on manual visual inspection to find out. Therefore, this method of flowering is not only time-consuming, but also has low production efficiency, and also causes a large amount of crepe, which increases the defective product rate of the product.

The rotary screen printing machine has a special mark on each printing net cylinder shaft, and the detection mark is printed on the fabric to correspond to the position of the printing pattern on the flower net, and the flower net is manually engaged in the initial positioning, and the running process passes through The electronic sensor detects the mark on the flower net online and feeds the detection signal to the motor of the flower net to control the position of the flower net mark or the distance between the flower net and the fabric mark to achieve automatic control of the flower effect. The rotary screen printing machine program only performs on-line inspection on the flower net or the mark on the fabric, and does not directly detect the printing pattern on the fabric, because the deformation of the fabric on the printing guide tape and the printing guide tape and the flower net The reason is that the running speed is not synchronized.

The technology has high-precision error correction function, realizing accurate printing in the true sense, not only can improve production efficiency, greatly reduce labor intensity, but also greatly improve the product qualification rate. The invention of this technology will have far-reaching significance for the technological advancement of the Open Type Rotary Screen Printer machine, marking the international leading position of the automation system of China's rotary screen printing machine, which is an important impetus to improve the overall level of China's industry and accelerate the becoming a printing power. effect.