Solve the Problem of Flat Screen Printing Machine Accessories


Flat Screen Printing Machine accessories account for about 20% of the total printing and dyeing products. In recent years, there have been many new developments in flat screen printing machine printing technology. For example, the application of digital technology in the plate making process has made the drafting technology fundamental. The reform, the application of electronic color matching in printing color matching has improved the quality of printing. In addition, transfer printing, inkjet printing and electrostatic printing have also achieved rapid development, and there are also many new developments in the conventional printing process....

For a piece of equipment, the quality of its accessories will directly affect the quality of the product. If there are some problems with the flat screen printing machine parts, how can we handle the efficiency and quality of the production? The best way is to solve these problems as soon as possible. Let's talk about what problems are encountered in the flat screen printing machine accessories.

If the flat screen printing machine parts are not maintained for a long time, some parts may be broken. The holes are generally caused by foreign objects on the surface, so check them frequently during operation, even when the equipment is shut down. Often go to maintenance and inspection; in addition, sometimes the water will also affect the failure of the flat screen printing machine parts, because the water will seriously affect the quality of the printing tape printing, so that the color is not uniform, so according to the severity, if the belt The problem of joints is to ensure the uniformity of the thickness of the joints. If it is formed by the crushing of heavy objects, it should be eliminated by heat setting to resume use.

There may be many problems with Flat Screen Printer machine accessories, which may have their own factors, or may be due to environmental influences, and may not be maintained for a long time, but we need to solve them for any reason.