The Role of Some Components in Hot Air Stenter Machine


During the operation of the Hot Air Stenter machine, three important process requirements, namely temperature, time and pressure, need to be properly controlled. In the tenter drying room, if the insulation layer of the drying room needs to be replaced or scrapped, the insulation material filled in it should be disposed of or destroyed according to local environmental protection regulations. As for the temperature control of the drying room, the process temperature is mainly set by the up and down keys on the temperature control table.

In the tenter drying room of the hot air stenter machine, a corresponding burner is also arranged, which mainly serves to heat the drying room. The temperature control meter controls the flame size to control the temperature. The contactor control logic starts and stops. The operation steps of the burner are as follows: first turn on the circulation fan, then turn on the burner key switch to allow the burner to work; and turn on the main machine to keep the vehicle speed above 5m/min; finally set the process temperature on the temperature control table. The burner is working.

The next step is to enter the air-cooling process, mainly to achieve the requirements of rapid cooling of the fabric. In the tail box of the hot air stenter machine, the main operation contents are: adjusting the position of the needle removal, and putting down the roll when the cloth is passed through the tail of the machine; setting the process parameters on the man-machine interface (host Speed: Open the main machine, run the machine out of the cloth rolling car; check the lubricating oil quality and oil quantity of the main drive box according to the regulations, and lubricate the tail end modulation screw according to the regulations.

It should be noted that at the end of the work, the field staff should properly adjust the tail nut of the roll cylinder of the hot air stenter machine to keep the upper roll in the separated position. The main function of surface winding is to wind the finished fabric, which is suitable for the speed of 2~20 m/min.

When the hot air stenter machine is wound up, it can be carried out in different ways, such as manual, stop, and automatic. When manual, the speed of the vehicle is not controlled by the speed of the host line. The operator can set the speed arbitrarily. When it is automatic, the line speed is slightly faster than the host, and the tension of the cloth is adjusted by adjusting the winding speed. When stopped, the winding stops.