Safe Operation Procedure Of The Hot Air Stenter


First, gas lighters of Hot Air Stenter should pass professional safety training before ignition. Only possessing the certificate can they igniting. Others who aren’t skilled or without a license may not light a fire. When someone enters into the drying room, the gas must be turned off completely and the air should be exhausted. Personnel should be guarded in the drying room to prevent gas poisoning or explosion accidents. The gas-fired furnace should be equipped with a flame monitor and automatic alarm device for flame-out. In particular, we must have an electrical safety interlock that can exhaust air before ignition.

Second, drying room of the hot air stenter is a closure device. In order to avoid the accident that someone mistakenly bolted the oven door, drying room door should be changed to magnetic steel iron absorption door closing device or spring self-locking door closing device. According to the safety system, the drying room must be supervised.A safety sign that any other person shall not enter the room should be placed outside the door.

Third, in order to prevent the clip handle from hanging the sleeves and put your hand into the machine, clip turntable in and out of the stenter should be equipped with semicircle sealed safety cover and clip safety cover outside the drying room; the safety cover of the turntable can prevent the clip pin from breaking and the iron from flying out suddenly. At the same time, this can also prevent operators from reaching into the danger area of the turntable to deal with the failure.

Finally, the outer layer of the drying room of hot air stenter should be laid with good thermal insulation materials (such as asbestos, glass wool, perlite and silicate slag wool, etc.), and the temperature of the surface of the insulation layer should not exceed 40 to reduce radiant heat in the workplace, which is helpful for operators to dissipate heat and prevent heat in summer.

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