The Adjustment of Flat Screen Printer


The Flat Screen Printer need to be adjusted frequently, otherwise it is prone to errors and causes problems in operation.

First, phase adjustment of the working cycle of complete machines: strictly adjusted by the manufacturer according to the cycle phase diagrams which are designed in advance, and pinned or locked.

Second, the adjustment of the parallelism between the three layers of the guide rail, the printing plate and the working platform: Generally, the guide rail or the platform is used as the benchmark for the adjustment.

1.The platform and the guide rail should be parallel, and the squeegee plate moves along the guide rail. If the two are not parallel, the squeegee will not always touch the platform with a certain pressure, and even the gap will occur. This adjustment has been done before the machine leaves the factory.

2.The Flat Screen Printing Machine plate and the platform should be parallel, otherwise, the mesh size (distance from the bottom surface of the screen printing plate to the printing surface) is inconsistent, causing the printing pressure and the screen printing plate to be inconsistent. Therefore, the flatness of the frame itself should be guaranteed, which is generally up to the users who make specific requirements as needed.

Third, version adjustment: refers to the adjustment of the printing precision between the screen printing plate and the printed part on the screen printing machine. Height adjustment (>40mm), ward-and-backward adjustment and left and right adjustment (>20mm), horizontal angle adjustment (>3°).

Forth, squeegee adjustment:

1. Adjust the parallelism of the screen by the squeegee and the height of the ink plate by the left and right screw; the middle shaft can adjust the left and right jackscrew, the essence of which is to adjust the high and low position to the left and right of the ink plate.

2. The adjustment of the inclination angle of the scraper is generally in the range from 65°to 85° that can be chosen as needed.

3. The adjustment of the printing pressure is actually the adjustment of the position of the squeegee.

4. The length of the squeegee cannot be adjusted but generally supplied as a kit. Each kit has several different lengths available for selection.