Rotary Screen Printing Machine Benefits High Production Efficiency


Rotary screen printing machine was first proposed in 1947 in Portugal, but in fact the initial commercial machine was first introduced by Stork (Holland) at the ITMA show in Germany in 1963. on account of low productivity of semi-continuous process and non-continuous patterns of flat-bed screen printing, we developed and produce rotary screen printing machine. Our general idea is to take a flat screen and simply shape it into a roll by sealing the ends of the flat screen together. The simple modification converts a semi-continuous process to a continuous one.

In basic operation, rotary screen and flat screen printing machines are very similar. Both use the same type of in-feed device, glue trough, rotating blanket (print table), dryer, and fixation equipment. The process involves initially feeding fabric onto the rubber blanket. As the fabric travels under the rotary screens, the screens turn with the fabric. Print paste is continuously fed to the interior of the screen through a color bar or pipe. As the screen rotates, the squeegee device pushes print paste through the design areas of the screen onto the fabric. As in flat-bed screen printing, only one color can be printed by each screen. After print application, the process is the same as flat screen printing.

By converting the screen-printing process from semi-continuous to continuous, higher production speeds are obtained. Typical speeds are from 50-120 ypm (45-100 mpm) for rotary screen printing depending upon design complexity and fabric construction. Rotary screen printing machines are more compact than flat screen machines for the same number of colors in the pattern. Therefore, they use less plant floor space.

Regarding rotary screens, the size of the design repeat depends on the circumference of the screens, which was initially seen as a disadvantage since the first rotary screens were small in diameter. However, with the equipment today, screens are available in a range of sizes and are no longer considered design limited. Therefore, with few design limitations and quick changeover of patterns, Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine today are highly productive and can be used for both continuous and discontinuous patterns.

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