Common Printing Process of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


Rotary screen printing machines have evolved from basic hand printing procedures. The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is fast but limited to the designs. It is very economical way of printing commercially. The print finish quality of rotary screen printing is not to the same standard as modern-day discharge printing machines.

Screens have to be cut and made to the design we require, and each color way has to be put on an individual screen.

Rotary screen print machine consists of numbers of rotary screens which fit into slots. If one color way print is needed and one screen is fitted to the machine, up to 12 screens can be fitted for multiple colour way designs.

In addition to the above, what I want to focus on is the fabric rotary screen printing process. Above all, creases removal process from fabric before printing play an important role in printing and dyeing process. Plain fabric is fed into the machine, where all the creases are removed from the fabric, prior to printing this fabric is referred to prepared for printing (PFP). Once all creases are removed the fabric is now ready for printing and forwarded to the printing machine.

The various designs of our everyday clothing go through many different types of printing processes. There are many different types of fabric printing processes from basic hand printing(batik) to sophisticated multiple color discharge printing processes. As mentioned in the title in this article I am going to discuss the common printing process of rotary screen printing.

In order to explain more clearly, I made a process flowchart for rotary screen printing as follows.

The fabric is fed into the printer section

Fabric passes under the rotating screens

Pumping of printing paste

Squeezing of print paste

Fabric passes into drying woven

Curing and Washing presence. Keep improving makes us more reliable

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