Do You Know Rotary Screen Printing Machine


As a screen printing machine, the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine adopts a continuous rotary seamless cylindrical screen to print. According to the arrangement of the rotary net, it can be divided into three types: vertical, horizontal and radial. Among these, the horizontal rotary screen printing machine is the most commonly used. The rotary screen printing machine is composed of a device for feeding, printing, drying and discharging the cloth.

The mechanical components of the printed part can be divided into printed rubber guide tape, rotary screen drive device, rotary screen and printing scraper frame, flower arrangement, rubber belt washing and wiping device, and printed fabric pasting and slurry pumping system.

When printing, when the printed fabric is in contact with the rubber guide tape, since the rubber tape is coated with a layer of adhesive glue in advance, the printed fabric is pressed against the top of the printed fabric without moving. The printed fabric enters the drying device. The rubber belt is reciprocated and then transferred to the machine for washing and scraping water droplets.

The drying and discharging device is dried by loose hot air. The printed fabric is separated from the rubber belt. The printed fabric is separated from the rubber belt, and the polyester belt is rotated by the driving roller, and the pressure of the hot air nozzle is used to smoothly "stick" the fabric onto the polyester belt to enter the drying room. The fabric which has been dried by hot air is delivered from the drying section at the correct speed with an appropriate tension. Fold or roll the fabric after printing.

What is worth mentioning is that the rotary screen printing machine has the following advantages:

l The nickel mesh is light

l It is convenient to load and unload the rotary screen, register and add pulp, etc. Therefore, labor intensity is low.

l With a high yield, matching color number has fewer constraints.

l Since the processing is carried out under no tension, it is suitable for printing a fabric that is easily deformed and a wide fabric without a lining cloth. is a professional rotary screen printing machine manufacturer, welcome your visit.