Care And Maintenance of Rotary Screen Printing Machine II


The printing conduction band is the main part of the Open Type Rotary Screen Printer machine, which plays the role of supporting and transmitting the printed fabric. At present, the printing machine uses two kinds of guides, rubber guide belt, and polyurethane belt. In this article, you will get to know the maintenance of the printing conduction band of Rotary Screen Printing Machine.

(1) Essential performance of printing conduction band

1.Smooth running, ring-shaped belt body without joint, and accurate circumference with easy install.

2.High strength, small deformation to ensure that printing machine is accurate in registration

3.With smooth surface, the fabric is not easy to stain.

4.With wear resistance, it can adapt to continuous scraping blade cleaning; with acid and alkali resistance, it can withstand the erosion of printing pulp; it is easy to wash the dye residues in the presence of acetone or ethyl ester.

(2) Problems and handling method for printed rubber

1. belt damage

Since the damaged surface is irreparable, firstly, the tape should be repaired to avoid damage to the protective layer. If the surface is damaged, stop it immediately, and carefully clean the crack. Repair it after fully dried. If it can not be immediately stopped due to production needs, the crack should be sealed with a dry tape to prevent the slurry from immersing. Once the conditions are met, repairs must be carried out.

2. With water

Wet printed rubber will affect the quality of printing, shown as uneven color and fabric pollution. At this time, the polishing of the tape guide joint can be eliminated. In addition, during storage, if there is foreign matter at the bottom of the guide belt, which is squeezed by heavy objects to permanently deform the guide belt, the user must pay attention to the problems caused by the storage, installation, and use of the guide belt. The deformation of the conduction band caused by the above reasons can generally be eliminated by heat setting.

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