Care And Maintenance of Rotary Screen Printing Machine III


With the ink supply and squeegee inside the tube, a development of screen printing with flat screens from 1963 was to wrap the screen around to form a tube. The resulting roller rotates at the same speed as the web in a roll-to-roll machine. The benefits are high output rates and long rolls of product. This is the only way to make high-build fully patterned printing/coating as a continuous process and has been widely used for manufacturing textured wallpapers.

It’s dispensable to know the common problems with Open Type Rotary Screen Printer machines to plan ahead. What’s more, we should check the machine regularly and maintain it according to the corresponding problems.

1. The most common fault is out of register, commonly known as "running flowers". At this time, the following aspects should be checked:

(1)Whether the fabric tension is too large after the cloth feeding and printing.

(2)Whether the mechanical transmission of the flower locking device fails.

(3)Whether the computer system of the independent drive normal.

(4)Whether the color paste level in the net is too low.

(5)Whether the amount of scraper air pipe is sufficient.

(6)Whether the belt runs off frequently

(7)Whether the net is made accurately.

2. If the printed lines are found to be fuzzy, check whether the rotary screen and the guide belt are synchronized. Mechanical transmission of the printing machine should be checked whether the clutch is invalid and the worm gear is worn. Printing machines which can drive independently should check whether the friction coefficient is adjusted.

3. If the dark stripes are found in the longitudinal direction, it is necessary to check whether the wiper blade is scraped and whether the guide belt is uneven.

4. If the amount of printing is too much or too little and the pattern is ambiguous, the position of the scraper and the pressure of the scraper should be adjusted. In general, when the blade is tilted backward, the amount of ink is increased, and vice versa.

5. When the scraper printing machine to be found the printed strips, it should be checked whether the scraper is straight and the blade has wavy wrinkles.

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