What Will Effect Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine


What Will Effect Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine ? Responsiveness of The Printing Will Affect Rotary Screen Printing Machine!

There are many factors affecting the accuracy of rotary screen printing. In addition to the comprehensive precision of the printing system and the human factors in the printing system, the responsiveness of the printing system can not be ignored.

The core of the independent transmission rotary screen printing machine is the independent transmission system. Through the detection of the conduction belt speed, the photoelectric encoder is used to sample the signal, and then a series of data models are established. The control board is used to drive the motor so that the rotary screen operates at the same speed as the guide belt to achieve precise registration.

The choice of the mounting position of the encoder directly affects the response speed of the system, which affects the printing accuracy. It is possible to analyze the same independent transmission control system, and the speed of its printing machine operates (conducting belt speed) is not absolutely constant even what we usually call "a certain fixed speed".

For the sake of analysis, we analyze the state at a certain point in time during its operation. Because there is a synchronous belt or a V-belt and a belt-driven flexible transmission between the motor and the guide belt, and there is a gearbox or a worm gearbox transmission, the rotary screen is driven by a stepper or servo motor through a precision planetary reducer or direct drive, but the electrical signal transmission speed is much greater than that of the mechanical transmission chain. Therefore, it is assumed that the encoders are respectively installed on the main motor and the passive roller. The former is operated by the leading belt, and the latter is operated by the lagging belt. In this way, a certain instantaneous net speed and conduction belt speed appear to lead or lag. Therefore, the encoder installation position is not proper, and the response speed of the rotary screen in the entire circular printing system is affected, resulting in low printing accuracy.

In summary, in the design of the rotary network control system, the design of the system responsiveness should be emphasized, and the lead-lag control should be introduced, which can improve the transient performance and steady-state performance of the system, that is rapid response characteristics and good steady-state accuracy.

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