Failure Analysis of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer I


The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine usually consists of four parts: the feeding device, the printing head, the drying device, and the falling device. Although it seems simple, we need to know the common problems of the rotary screen printing machine and take relevant precautions.

In general, problems of rotary screen printing machine are relatively easy to solve summarized as follows:

First, white cloth does not stick well. The first step to do is to check whether the position of the rubber roller is aligned with the position of the white cloth, whether the scraping knife edge is flat, and the glue concentration is appropriate so that the problem of poor white cloth sticking can be solved.

If thermoplastic plastics causes poor adhesion of white cloth, it is necessary to check whether the glue is even or leaks. If there is no problem, check whether the heating temperature of the curved plate meets the requirements, and also it should be noted that the speed of the machine is appropriate.

It is also necessary to pay special attention to whether the surface of the plastic layer has been touched by hand or stained with oil.

Second, printing paste is too much or too little, and the pattern is blurring. The only way to do is to adjust the position of the scraper and the pressure of the scraper. What needs to be known is that when the blade is tilted backward, the amount of ink is increased, and vice versa.

Third, a rotary screen printing machine is printed with strips. It’s advisable to check whether the film scraper is straight and the blade has wavy apron mark.

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