Failure Analysis of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer II


As mentioned in the previous article, the Open Type Rotary Screen Printer usually consists of four parts: the feeding device, the printing head, the drying device, and the falling device. It’s sensible to know the common problems of the rotary screen printing machine and take relevant precautions.

In addition to the points mentioned above, other problems of rotary screen printing machine are relatively easy to solve summarized as follows:

First, the printing blanket is laterally offset.

Solution: adjust the tension of the blanket and the guide controller or adjust the distance between the stop point of the guide controller and the microswitch (generally 2~3cm). If there is a horn sound, stop immediately and trace the cause until removing trouble.

Second, the rotary screen printer is out of register.

This situation is frequent, which needs to be carefully checked whether rotary screen has loose head and shedding tendency, whether the scraper gas volume is sufficient, whether the paste is applied to the semi-product, the level of the color slurry in the rotary screen changes, Whether the parts that affect it are loose, whether the parts of the registration are wet, and whether the piled cloth is smooth.

Third, strip traces appear on the printing blanket.

Solution: Check the glue for impurities, scraper, or hard or residual glue, and dispose of it immediately.

Fourth, the air control unit is failed.

Solution: Check whether the air cylinder piston of the malfunctioning part leaks, whether the pipeline and gas valve are damaged, whether the working pressure is too low, whether the compressed air is not clean, not dry, and whether the condensation force is released.

Fifth, printing lines are blurred, and the cylinder and the printing blanket are not synchronized.

Solution: Check whether the air clutch is invalid, whether the printing blanket is lengthened, and whether worm and gear are worn. is the open type rotary screen printer and Flat Screen Printer manufacturer, welcome your visit.