Flat Screen Printing Machine (Safety Operation Procedures)


Flat Screen Printer Machine (Safety Operation Procedures).

1. Purpose: To specify the safety requirements for printing operations, to ensure the personal safety of operators and the normal operation of equipment.

2. Scope: All operators of the printing machine.

3. Responsibilities: All operators are responsible for and perform this operating standard

4. Working procedures:

First, before working, check whether the power supply, circuit and oil supply temperature valve of the machine are normal and ensure that the ground environment is clean and hygienic.

Second, check the operation parts of the machine and the operation of the hydraulic pump. If there is any debris, turn the power on after determining the normal.

Third, when lifting the printing roller and replacing the rubber roller, it is necessary to lift it gently, and the roller should be balanced with force, so as to avoid the crushing of the roller.

Fourth, when cleaning the surface of the printing roller with solvent, wear protective gloves to avoid the burning of the solvent on the skin. If it is sprayed into the eyes, rinse it with water in time.

Fifth, when cleaning the scraper, wipe the knife edge with a thick rag to avoid scratching the hand.

Sixth, wipe the cleaning roller and scraper must not be hung on the machine to avoid the machine corrosion.

Seventh, when producing and testing a sample, do not put your hand under the rubber roller to avoid crushing.

Eighth, in the production, the rubber roller is clean at any time. If the problem is handled while rotating, the clothes and cuffs should be fastened to avoid getting involved. If you have a serious problem, the machine needs to be shut down quickly.

Ninth, when you adjust the tension in production, special attention should be paid to the A-frame winding place to prevent the hand from being crushed.

Tenth, when the static electricity is large during the production process, water can be properly sprayed around the Flat Screen Printing Machine to maintain the humidity of the air to reduce static electricity.