Structure and Function of Flat Screen Printer


Structure and Function of Flat Screen Printer .

1, Cloth Feeding Device

A roll or a folded feed can be used as needed.

2, The Printing Part

It consists of an automatic guiding mechanism, automatic lifting frame mechanism, and automatic printing mechanism.

(1) Automatic guide mechanism: It consists of a printed guide belt, belt drive, and transmission control. The printed belt is a seamless looped rubber belt made of multi-layer canvas rubber. There are two ways to drive the belt: one is intermittently driven by the belt and the printing unit is intermittently distributed; the other is that the belt is intermittently driven in the printing areas and continuously driven in the non-printing area.

(2) Lifting screen frame mechanism

The screen frame is automatically lifted and lowered by a cam mechanism and an eccentric link mechanism. When the fabric and the belt are suspended, the screen frame of the stencil is automatically lowered, pressed against the surface of the cloth for squeegeeing, and when the squeegee is finished, it is lifted off the cloth surface to make the fabric and the belt run.

(3) Automatic printing mechanism

After the guide belt stops running, when the screen frame is lowered to the predetermined position and stops moving, the scraper or the squeegee roller presses the screen to perform squeegee so that the color paste passes through the mesh of the screen pattern portion smearing onto the fabric.

Composition: scraper or scraper roller, transmission and control part, slurry part.

3, The drying device

The hot air drying machine is used to loose drying.

Working process: the printed fabric leaves the printing guide belt and rests on the active running nylon wire loop conveyor belt. The conveyor mesh belt lifts the reverse side of the fabric into the drying machine discharged after being dried by multiple layers. The position of drying guide belt (the conveyor belt) is adjusted by the positive position device at the feeding of the drying room. The speed of the printed part and the drying part is determined by the linear speed regulator installed between the printing belt and the drying conveyor belt ( Generally, the infrared detector is adjusted according to the change of the loose position of the fabric.) Loosen more, the dryer speeds up, and vice versa. as a professional Flat Screen Printing Machine manufacturer, we always offer high-quality products for you, please choose us with confidence.