Drying System of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


Our drying system on the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine adopts multi-layer heating with the three-layer structure for cloth placing. Its capacity is determined by the number of the drying chamber.

1. Its frame is made of structural steels and its thermal insulation board and door are all of the hollow structure with mineral wool inside. Meanwhile, its radiator fin adopts quality cooled rolled aluminum plates as its raw material. After assembly, the drying unit will undergo an extra treatment---silver powder spraying. Since silver powers are thermal resistant, the sprayed drying unit also features good performance in thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

2. Circulating fans are installed on both sides of the drying rooms with high speed of its wind in its vent. Meanwhile, the fan blades of the circulating fan are made of aluminum alloy. Besides, we also optimized the overall design of drying room - installing the thermal insulation devices, which enables a 40% lower of installed power when compared with that of traditional drying room. The exhaust fan is installed on the top of drying room.

3. The conveyor belt is a PTFE coated woven belt, which is highly thermal resistant. When it is activated, the conveyor belt will be under alignment with the help of two coated rollers. These two rollers are installed on its swing arms.

4.Doffing system: frame, cloth guide roller, pressure regulator, swing arm, etc.

Our Flat Screen Printing Machine has a series of attractive features. First of all, the working principle of our printing machine is as follows: Doctor blade is adopted to push the print paste through the design area of the screen onto the fabric. In addition, the textile printing machine enjoys a large production capacity with a high printing speed under normal circumstances. What’s more, our printing machine has a closed screen holder, and the rotary screen printing is driven by direct drive servo motors. The driving method allows for a higher printing precision. As to the registration control system, an embedded programmable logic controller is adopted on our printing machine, which enables an intelligent registration.

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