Printing knowledge about Flat and Rotary Screen Printer I


Printing materials are used widely in the textile industry and the printing industry. Therefore, we need to know some information about the printing classification.

Common printings are mainly divided into transfer printing and screen printing (flat screen, rotary screen).

Transfer printing---Round roll electric engraving (such as plaid printing and dot printing). The printing plate prints the pigment on the transfer printing paper by printing, and then transfers the color on the printing paper to the fabric through high temperature, then a product finished. This kind of printing is used broadly.

Flat screen---Printing mold is fixed on the square frame, which is square with a hollow pattern. The pattern with decorative design can be sealed through the color paste without decorative design. When the cloth passes, the printing mold falls onto the fabric. The scraper is repeatedly scraped to allow the pigment to penetrate onto the surface of the cloth, and then washed with water and steamed to be a finished product. It is rarely used now, basically not used.

Rotary screen, same as the flat screen, is also a hollow printing mold. It is in the shape of a cylinder. The color paste is placed on the screen and remains at the bottom of the screen. The rotary screen rotates together through the conveyor belt. The bottom of the screen has scraping blades. The fabric is scraped when rolling. Press through the pattern on the screen, penetrate into the fabric, then wash and steam.

So, how to distinguish whether it is transfer printing or Flat Screen Printing Machine

The transfer printing is transferred to the paper by the pigment, and then transferred to the fabric through the paper, which is on one side of the fabric, and the other side can be seen as a white base fabric or a base color when dyed. Screen printing penetrates into the fabric through the pigment, so both sides of the fabric are same basically. However, it is more difficult to distinguish between flat and rotary screen. It is critical to check plate printing.