Printing knowledge about Flat and Rotary Screen Printer II


As stated in the previous article, common printings are mainly divided into transfer printing and Flat Screen Printing Machine . It is critical to check plate printing to distinguish between the three. Now, I would like to analyze for you.

Transfer printing---round roller plate. The regular printing plate has a circumference of 650mm according to the actual size plus additional money. At present, the widest is 1500mm (consulting printing factory); up to 8 versions can be made, but more than a dozen colors can be produced. If more than 8 colors are seen from the cloth, it is the third color formed by superimposing the two versions. The pattern is realistic with meticulous decorative design, clear layering, and strong three-dimensional feeling. For example, a thin line pattern, relatively small plaid pattern, character avatar, gradient printing, can only use transfer printing. The method is high production efficiency and labor saving.

Flat screen printing---Because of the square screen, the length ranges from 305mm to 1200mm without the limited cycle. However, it is prone to inaccurate flowers, such as off-page or overlap; the low definition. The outline of the pattern is not clear with the rough outer periphery of the pattern (formed by the mutual leakage between the colors); low production efficiency.

The rotary screen printing---cylinder screen is fast without plate printing; precision and color degree is limited, lower than a flat screen, of course, transfer printing also does better.

An important thing we should pay attention to is transfer printing which can be waterproof or not. Before printing, if the finished product is required to be waterproof, it needs to be splashed water and then printing, which can save time, effort and money. However, printing should be done by dyed cloth according to the principle of pigment penetration. The pigment will not penetrate with waterproof function, accurately speaking, it is the uneven penetration, the surface will be too fancy.

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