Printing knowledge about Flat and Rotary Screen Printer III


As stated in the previous article, in addition to printing classification, I would like to make an introduction about printing for you.

1. The problem of several sets of versions: simple ones can be seen by ourselves. Complex ones need to be communicated with the printing factory before replying to our customers. Sometimes the two sets of the same pattern will have different versions. For example Green Point Printing, plaid printing (color of the hanging screen is hard to adjust )

2. Wide-line problem: The closer the two colors are, the later the wide line formed. The wide line between a dark and a light color is not obvious, which is difficult to avoid. If customers attach importance to that, you should make it clear to them.

3. Elastic cloth printing: After high temperature, it will have an effect on the elasticity of the fabric, especially the mechanical bomb, which requires that the elastic force should be slightly better when you dye the fabric. Otherwise, no elasticity after printing will affect the efficiency of the cloth after the bonding.

4. Filling problem: as to the printed fabric, dying requirement needs to be explained clearly with the dyeing factory and then finished as a printing. When the fabric is shaped, the whole weft gauge needs to be shaped. the filling problems can’t appear. Second, we are supposed to pay attention to the filling problem when you negotiate with the printing factory.

Printing is more complicated than dying. The textile printing is partially dyed with durability. The non-printing area cannot bleed or stain. Printing and dye have dye, dyeing mechanism, properties and effects of additives in common. On the other hand, the difference between printing and dying is as follow.

1) The transfer medium is different. The printing uses a color paste while dye uses a dye solution;

2) Amount of dye auxiliary used: printing > dying

3) Different requirements for dye type regarding color matching

4) Different requirements for pretreatment of fabric

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