Tips on Choose The Right Flat Screen Printing Machine II


To buy the suitable Flat Screen Printing Machine for your business, following guidelines will help you.

Free Standing or Tabletop Screen Printing Machine: Those who want to use free standing or the tabletop press may be concerned as it is related to space. space is not an obstacle for this type of press. But you have to think about limited space. If you a plan to buy a tabletop screen printing press, limited space will not be the barrier for your printing press.

In various marketplaces, you will find a lot of table top machines big as free- standing press. Table top press is suitable for poster printing or t-shirt printing. It is movable even you can move to the road and you can print different color in your spare bedroom or kitchen. Actually, you will get a lot of benefits as it is moveable and you can use it in limited space.On the other-hand, if you have the capacity of in a big space to print, you can go for the large or full-size free standing or the tabletop screen printing machine. You can run these machine long hours.

Choosing the right color and station is a challenging decision. It is better to choose a screen printing equipment having the number of heads equal to the number of design you use in your t-shirt including an extra die for black or dark garments. For one color design, you can take a one or two color press. 4 and 8 color t-shirt screen printing press is very helpful to print versatile design and it can perform several works at a time. Multiple colors printing press is suitable for multiple designs.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the right screen printing machine, is to to identify your expectations. Once you do that, you're already halfway towards making your first print! Here I recommend you Zhejiang LICHENG Printing&Dyeing Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd, as a professional flat screen printing machine, we promise our products with high-quality, welcome your visit.