Four Types Screen Printing According Its Layout


A screen printer is a machine that prints on screen plates and is a type of printer. A screen printer is a machine for printing text and images and is a general term for machines or equipment used to produce printed matter. The screen printing machine is a representative printing device in the stencil printing machine. The material for making the wire mesh can be made of nylon wire, copper wire, steel wire or stainless steel wire in addition to the silk. Can be divided into flat screen printing machine, curved screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine and so on.

Screen printing can be divided into many types according to its layout, printer variety, ink properties and type of substrate, but the printing methods can be divided into the following.

1. Flat screen printing: Flat Screen Printing Machine is a method of printing on a flat substrate by using a flat screen version. When printing, the printing plate is fixed and the offset printing plate is moved.

2. Flat screen curved screen printing: Flat screen curved screen printing is a method of printing on a curved substrate (such as a ball, cylinder, cylinder, etc.). During printing, the squeegee is fixed, the plate moves in the horizontal direction, and the substrate rotates with the plate.

3. Circular screen printing: rotary screen printing is a cylindrical screen printing system. The cylinder is equipped with a fixed squeegee plate, and the cylindrical printing plate is synchronous with the substrate to make a linear speed moving printing method.

4. Indirect screen printing: The first three methods directly print the substrate from the printing plate, but only print some regular geometric shapes, such as plane, cylindrical surface, conical surface, etc., for complex shapes, angular and concave For surface-shaped objects, they must be printed by indirect screen printing. The process often consists of two parts: flat screen printing and transfer, that is, screen-printed images are not directly printed on the substrate, but printed first. On the flat material, transfer it to the substrate by a certain method. One of the methods of indirect printing is to first print an image on a flat glass by flat screen printing, and then use an elastic silicone head to draw an ink image from the glass as stamped, and then transfer it to the profile. Surface: Another type of indirect screen printing is transfer paper, such as: screen printing paper + thermal transfer, screen printing paper + pressure sensitive transfer, screen printing paper + solvent activation transfer Printed. Indirect screen printing has become a major area of ​​the printing industry .

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