Screen Printing Machine Application


A screen printer is a machine that prints on screen plates and is a type of printer. A screen printer is a machine for printing text and images and is a general term for machines or equipment used to produce printed matter. The screen printing machine is a representative printing device in the stencil printing machine. The material for making the wire mesh can be made of nylon wire, copper wire, steel wire or stainless steel wire in addition to the silk. Can be divided into flat screen printing machine, curved screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine and so on. All-pass screen printing to explain to you the specific use of screen printing machine.

Flat Screen Printing Machine application industry

Packaging and printing: The main service target of the packaging industry is the screen printing industry. The continuous development and application of screen printing technology will better serve the packaging and decoration industry and contribute to the prosperity of the packaging and decoration industry. The printing industry brings a broader market.

Advertising printing: There will be more markets for screen printing in commercial advertisements. In particular, electrical companies and tobacco and alcohol companies attach great importance to the role of advertising in order to promote their own image. The time and quality of advertising determines the company's share of the market. Therefore, various electrical advertisements, outdoor advertisements, and commercial advertisements provide a wide space for screen printing.

Circuit printing: Screen printing has an 80% market share in the electronics industry. For example, in the production of a TV set, screen printing is used in many places, and the development of large-scale flat display devices such as display screens (PALC) is increasingly inseparable from screen printing.

Handicraft printing: With the development of the western region of China and the process of urbanization in rural areas, the growth of ceramic tile production lines is strong. In addition, China is a large ceramic country. In addition to satisfying a large number of domestic demand, it is also exported to more than 150 countries and regions. Therefore, screen printing of ceramic flower paper plays an important role in China's screen printing industry.

Screen printing machine specific application products

Liquid crystal glass, lens glass, illuminating sheet, sheet glass, mobile phone lens, display screen, panel, nameplate and acrylic film, touch screen, light guide plate, TV, circuit industry, optoelectronic industry, single, double sided, multi-layer circuit board, PCB board, liquid green oil, flash sheet, flexible circuit board, flexible circuit, membrane switch, IMD, IML, self-adhesive, thermal transfer film, trademark, label, nameplate, etc.

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