Printing Conduction Band of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


The phenomenon of twisted nets or broken nets in the printing process often interrupts production, affects the normal operation of the production, and has different degrees of influence on product quality and production cost. The influence of printed guide tape on the rotary screen is as follows.

First, the running speed of the belt and the running speed of the rotary screen are too different, so that the net will be easy to twist or even broken. The rotary screen printing machine is designed with the synchronous cooperation between the printing guide belt and the rotary screen. In the actual operation, due to the change of the diameter of the driving roller or the slippage caused by the belt drive, the speed difference between the two will be increased, so that the rotary net is actively or passively squeezed, and the twisted net or the broken net appears. The solution is to strictly control the diameter tolerance of the main drive roller; adjust the tension roller tension value appropriately so that the guide belt does not slip during operation.

Second, the gap between the cylinder and the guide belt is not properly adjusted, so that the cylinder is radially squeezed to cause a twisted net. For general fabrics, the gap between the mesh and the guide tape is preferably 0.3 mm, but for heavy fabrics, the gap should be appropriately increased. If the gap is too large, and the circular net may be disconnected from the guide tape. It will be affected by the pressure of the scraper; if the gap adjustment is too small or a negative gap occurs, the rotary screen will be squeezed by the guide belt, which will cause the net to be twisted. When the time is long, the network will break. The solution is to adjust the gap between the cylinder and the guide belt to ensure that the cylinder is operating under normal conditions.

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