Why Screen on Rotary Screen Printing Machine Is Twisted


The phenomenon of twisted screen or broken screen in the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine process often interrupts production, affects the normal operation of the production, and has different degrees of influence on product quality and production cost. In addition to the effect of printing guide tape on the rotary screen, The following factors will also cause the screen to be twisted or broken.

1. Influence of assembly

Careless installation and adjustment of careless often will also have the screen twisted or broken.

Firstly, when the two ends of the rotary screen are installed askew, the rotary screen will be subjected to the prestress caused by the askew installation at both ends. With the circular movement, this prestress will be quickly converted into torque, which will distort the rotary screen and even cause the fracture. The solution is to adjust the screen head on the rotary screen operation.

Second, when the tightness of the transmission bearings at both ends of the rotary screen is not uniform, it will be twisted or broken. Whether it is a wide-format printing machine or a narrow-width printing machine, when the dust-proof ring of the transmission bearing at both ends of the rotary screen is too tightly fitted with the housing, the flexibility of the bearing operation is greatly reduced, even the machine will be crashed down. For the narrow-width rotary screen printing machine, on account of a single turn, it is particularly difficult to avoid such installation errors.

2. Influence of operation

Even with a good assembly, no careful operation is not possible. Damage to the rotary screen can also be fatal due to operational errors. When loading and unloading the rotary screen, it is necessary to cooperate with light action, do not make the rotary screen bump on other hard objects. Any casual bumps will bring hidden dangers to normal use. In addition, loading and unloading of the squeegee should also be careful. Never touch the screen wall. In addition, the tension of the rotary screen should be appropriate, and the pressure of the scraper must be gentle without impact. Therefore, the one-way throttle valve on the scraper lift gas path should be properly adjusted to make the airflow smooth and without obvious impact. Only in this way can we extend the service life of the rotary screen to reduce costs and improve economic efficiency.

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