Things to Consider Before Buying Flat Screen Printing Machine


The following all-pass Flat Screen Printing Machine will share the selection method of screen printing equipment for everyone. After seeing the selection method of this screen printing equipment, everyone should be very easy to choose how to choose screen printing equipment.

The screen printing machines are somewhat different than the traditional heat transfer machines in their longevity and quality of the imprinted colors. What distinguishes them from the heat transfer machines that are too old to use now is their endurance to the washing cycles, they last five times more than the former ones. Here is why you should sack your old one for the newer screen printing machine:

Power of the Brand : Yes, buy from a brand, they are the most suitable and safer options to choose as brands offer a full guarantee if the product fails to start at all or if it is not responding as described. You can change it or get your money back when bought from a recognized seller, or else, all your money is lost already with no warranty or claim options from a less recognizable manufacturer.

Manual or Auto: Manual is inexpensive and accurate for small-scale usage. Automatic screen printers are for small to medium business or home use. For businesses, an automatic machine is recommended as they tend to grow with time and the manual won’t be of any use when you are going to expand your small business to medium scale. If your company has grown to an extent to hire a worker for printing, why not buy an automatic one and save the hassle? It will save you a lifetime salary you have to give to workers, plus it will remain with your forever.

The Number of Stations: The number of colors and stations is important; you have to look at the workload before buying or upgrading your screen printing machine. The more colors mean lesser period to complete, the more channels mean more shirts or tiles simultaneously. It is recommended to buy 2 or 4 color nozzle printing machine; it will be good for the years to come. If you are buying one for the next decade or so, go for the 4 or 8 color screen printing machine. For a four-color machine, two stations are enough to meet the need or buy a six-color four station machine; it will last for a lifetime, potent enough to print thousands of shirts in a few days for your business. For beginners or household users, a 1-color 1-channel screen printing machine is more than enough to imprint your t-shirts, posters, and other things in minutes with perfection.

When everything about silk screen printing equipment is negotiated, the contract must be signed before the transaction, which is a guarantee that the interests of both parties are not damaged. If the manufacturer is not willing to sign the contract, then the best equipment should be Do not hesitate to give up.

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