Slurry Blockage of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


During use, the rotary screen may be blocked on the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine . The infiltration of the slurry is not sufficient so that the printed pattern is not clear and random matching will appear, which affects the quality of the product. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The influence of the cloth

The grey cloth was not dedusted well before entering the rubber blanket of the printing machine, which often causes dust, fluff impurities and so on on the surface of the grey cloth to block the round mesh holes. Therefore, the clean grey cloth is very important for printing. In the process of use, the operator can achieve the purpose of dust removal by adjusting the pressure of the brushing bar in the dust removing device according to the cleanliness of the grey cloth to ensure the cleanness of the grey cloth that is entered into the printing guide tape.

2.Influence of paste

If the printing paste is not well filtered before use, the impurities and insoluble particles will be entered into the cylinder through the slurry feeding device, which will block the mesh, which will make the slurry difficult to penetrate and print. The viscosity of the paste also has an effect on the permeability.

3.Influence of rotary screen

In actual production applications, different nickel meshes should be selected according to different fabric types and different flower patterns. Generally speaking, the printed pattern is more suitable for 80-100 days, and the pattern of individual fine lines is 125 or even higher. When a flower-shaped rotary screen is removed, the screen should be cleaned immediately, and the slurry attached to the wall and the screen head should be washed, and then the rotary screen should be carefully placed in a clean room. The same measures should be taken when using paint printing to prevent blockage.

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