Features of Different Flat Screen Printer


A Flat Screen Printer refers to a device that you can use to transfer cool characters, graphics, or logos to t-shirts, mouse pads, placemats, coasters, hats, ceramic tiles, ID badges and so much more. Screen printing machine is pided into vertical screen printing machine, oblique screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, four-screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine.

Vertical screen printing machine features: For high-precision printing, such as high-tech electronics industry, overprint multicolor, dot printing. Compared with the oblique screen printing machine low efficiency, but high accuracy;

Bevel-arm screen printing machine features: For the packaging industry, or local UV printing, high efficiency, but low accuracy;

Rotary screen printing machine features: for the garment industry, or optical disc industry, poor positioning of the industry can take the carousel;

Four-column screen printing machine features: For a large area of ​​the industry, if the decorating, large-scale glass and other industries.

Automatic screen printing machine features: is the volume of the roll for PET, PP, PC, PE and other soft materials, printing, feeding, printing and drying set in one of the complete process is the best mass-produced select;

Automatic oval screen printing machine features: The main application of clothing and printing pieces can be printed mortar, water slurry, ink and other pulp.

Screen printing machine variety, printable material variety, with the increased demand for silk screen, purchased more advanced silk screen machine to improve production efficiency, improve print quality is essential. More than the scope of application of the screen printing machine, higher frequency, to meet the normal printing needs.

So choose a professional Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory is important, maybe you can contact us for more information before you buying it.