Advantages in 4 Key Areas of Screen Printer


Screen printing (including Flat Screen Printer , rotary screen printing machine and belt screen printing machine.)is one of the most popular methods of printing and it’s the most widely used method of t-shirt printing. It is a process that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric.

For commercial printers, balancing cost and quality considerations, screen printing provides significant advantages in four key areas: quality, durability, versatility, and profitability.

Screen printing delivers quality. Modern screen-printing equipment and materials provide printers with a broader color palette and superior color saturation. Thicker application of ink to substrate means more pigments than digital imaging, resulting in richer, more vibrant colors. Screen printing also allows the introduction of custom colors and special effects into the printing process.

Screen printing provides durability. Heavier ink coverage in the screen-printing process results in outstanding image durability compared to digital printing. Coatings and additives can be introduced to inks to enhance resistance to UV rays, moisture, chemicals, and scratching so that screen-printed images can be used outdoors and in other harsh or extreme environments without fading or wearing.

Screen printing offers versatility. Screen-printing processes are adaptable to a much wider range of substrate materials than digital technology, including fabrics, glass, wood, metals, and many high-tech materials. A greater variety of inks is available to printers, including metallic and unique specialty inks. Screen printing is favored for most forms of high-volume graphic print production.

Screen printing propels profitability. Because of the consistency and stability of the screen-printing process, it is preferred for large quantities and long production runs. Moreover, the reliability of the proven technology makes screen printing more cost-effective than digital, which beyond its color palette, substrate, and size limitations may require frequent costly software and equipment updates.

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