Structural Characteristics of Hot Air Stenter Machine


The Hot Air Stenter machine is mainly composed of the feeding part, the weft feeder, the chain, the oven body, and the falling cloth. Apart from that, chemical systems and oil furnace heating systems.

1.Feeding part

The structure is relatively simple, consisting of a trough and a roll. The cloth enters the trough, carries the chemical material, and then presses the excess chemical material through the roll to clean it. Therefore, the chemical material on the cloth is very uniform, which is a prerequisite for obtaining a high quality styling cloth.

It is necessary to always pay attention to whether the pressure on the left and right sides of the roll is consistent. Otherwise, the side with less pressure is loaded more, while the one with higher pressure is less loaded, and the cloth will have quality problems such as inconsistency.

2. Weft feeder

The weft aligner on the fixed machine has four sets of sensors. Each sensor consists of two parts: illuminating and sensitizing. The action part adopts a hydraulic system. When the signal of the slanting size is transmitted back to the control board, the control board will issue a command to drive the hydraulic system to adjust the angle of the curved roller or the straight roller to correct the weft. Specifically, when the center of the cloth is different from the two sides, the curved roller will move; when there is a difference between the left and the right, the straight roller will move.

3. Chain part.

The stenter of the cloth on the setting machine is produced by a chain. The chain of the setting machine is driven by a high-power motor near the falling cloth, equipped with a needle plate. When the cloth enters the chain, it is pressed by the brush wheel on the cloth wheel to press the small needle. The chain of this typesetting machine is different from other setting machines. It can control the stretching of each needle to control the effect of each needle, and some setting machines cannot adjust each needle, only be adjusted into a rectangle or a trapezoid. Click hotairstenter for further more information about Licheng Products.