Maintenance Method of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is prone to problems such as inaccurate flowering, twisting the net, breaking the net or often losing the head, damage to the blanket, falling or not coloring, winding the shaft, failure of the feeding system, etc. In order to prevent quality problems, we must strengthen maintenance operation and proper maintenance.

1. When checking the net of rotary screen printing machine, you must check whether the chuck, tool holder and magnetic bar are normal and damaged.

2. After the net, you must check whether the magnetic force, magnetic cutting, and gas path are normal. Whether the movement of the nickel mesh is uniform or not.

3. Check the tightness of the blanket before starting the machine to avoid over-tightening and offset.

4. The nickel mesh of rotary screen printing machine is severely twisted during the movement, which is easy to damage the net or damage the equipment; it should be checked in time whether the bulkhead is correct, whether the chuck is damaged, whether it is assembled in place, etc.

5. Check whether there is abnormal noise or abnormality after the start-up exercise, and stop the problem if it is found.

6. Try to avoid overflowing the slurry system and the nickel mesh on the rotary screen printing machine at all times during operation, otherwise it will damage the electrical equipment.

7. When dealing with the problem of nickel network during operation, try to avoid standing on the mechanical grid, and it is not allowed to stand on the machine. Otherwise, it will cause mechanical deformation, damage and failure.

8. Always check the applicator roll applicator for hard objects, foreign objects, dirt, dry rubber, check the glue bar, rubber roller for damage, and avoid damage to the rubber blanket.

9. The downtime is slightly longer, all magnetic fields must be eliminated in time to avoid the heat of the magnetic rod being burned for a long time in contact with the blanket. For the magnetic bar with the adhesive glue, the adhesive can be prevented from sticking to the rubber blanket, and the baking of the magnetic field damages the rubber blanket.