Precautions of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is prone to problems such as inaccurate flowering, twisting the net, breaking the net or often losing the head, damage to the blanket, falling or not coloring, winding the shaft, failure of the feeding system, etc. In order to prevent quality problems, we must strengthen maintenance operation and proper maintenance.

In addition to maintenance methods as mentioned in the previous article, other maintenance methods are as follows.

1.The wiper blade should not be too tightly contacted with the rubber blanket to avoid water and dry scraping. Remove the scraper from the rubber felt in time after shutdown.

2.The chuck is properly lubricated after running for a certain period of time to avoid damage to the nickel mesh and parts.

3.Prevent excessive slurry from entering the nylon tape during exercise to avoid damage to the machine and a large amount of crepe.

4.The problem of handling on the machine should avoid stepping on the electrical cabinet.

5. The knife holder of the knife-printing type should be carefully removed to prevent damage to the blanket.

What’s more, several things should be done after closing down Open Type Rotary Screen Printer

1. After the knife holder, magnetic bar and chuck are removed, they must be rinsed from the inside out, properly stored, and found to be repaired.

2. The applicator must be pulled out of the machine and rinsed to avoid damage to the blanket.

3. After closing down the machine, it must be airlifted for a certain period of time to rinse the slurry on the guide belt to avoid damage to the blanket.

4. After the machine is stopped, the wiper blade can be pulled out of the machine to check the debris or damage of the scraper. It can also avoid damage to the blanket due to mechanical misoperation.

5. After the shutdown, the slurry of the slurry system must be flushed in time to avoid corrosion, blockage and damage to the equipment.

6. If the problem is too long during the shutdown, the machine must be idle for a few minutes to avoid accidental failure.

7. Machine and environmental sanitation must be done after shutdown.