Stenter Overfeeding Technology of LICHENG Hot Air Stenter


 The Hot Air Stenter is mainly composed of a feeding device, a preheating zone, a high temperature setting zone, a cooling zone and a cloth discharging device. The feeding device is to make the fabric perpendicular to each other under a certain tension or a certain relaxed state including a tension frame, a weft detector, a suction device, an over-feed device, an automatic control device, edge-detector and so on, which can make it smoothly enter the machine.

In the dyeing and finishing process of textiles, the warp direction is subjected to a large pulling force, resulting in the elongation of the length and the narrowing of the width. In order to overcome this unstable state and ensure the dimensional stability of the textile, the speed of feeding into the cloth is adjusted during tentering or setting, which is super-feeding.

The speed of the feed is greater than the speed of the tenter or the setting machine is called super-feed (or over-feed, shrink-code).

The overfeeding causes the warp yarn to retract, the weft density rises, the gram weight increases, and the warp direction shrinks.

If the speed of the cloth is less than the speed of the tenter or the setting machine, it is called anti-overfeed (or negative overfeed, pull code).

The anti-overfeeding causes the warp yarn to elongate, the weft density decreases, the gram weight decreases, and the warp direction shrinks. There are many dyeing factories in China that are willing to make some violations of the principle in order to pursue their own profits.

Stretching is a finishing work after dyeing, and it is also a very important process. In the process of stentering, some dyeing factories have worked harder than the amount of grey cloth input in order to process the fabric. They are very objective in thinking that most customers do not understand the reasons for this, letting them do whatever they want.

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