Outstanding Features of Flat Screen Printing Machine


 Zhejiang LiCheng aims to offer the qualitative range of Flat Screen Printing Machine which can meet demanding requirements of customers.

Do you learn working principle Flat screen printing machine working principle? Let us have a look?

Take the commonly used hand-screen flat screen printing machine as an example, the working principle of the screen printing machine can be described as follows: The transmission mechanism transmits the power so that the squeegee squeezes the ink and the screen printing plate during the movement so that the screen Printing plate and the substrate to form a nip, the screen has tension N1 and N2, the force on the squeegee F2, rebound so that the screen printing plate in addition to the imprinting line are not in contact with the substrate, the ink in Under the action of the squeezing force F1 of the squeegee, the squeegee slides from the moving nip to the substrate through the mesh.

In Flat Screen Printing Technology the screen is flat and moves up and down. the Squeeze is used.

Small width fabric (45-50″) is printed on Flat Screen Printing. There are only 6 to 8 color is available.

The initial investment cost for Flat screen printing machine is low, so that it’s less expensive.

Features of Flat Screen Printing Machine are as follows :

1. Better repeat accuracy

2. High accuracy mechanical structure and electronic control for high-grade printing.

3. Trouble-free operation leading to increased production

4. Simple installation

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