Why to Choose Flat Screen Printing Machine from LICHENG Group



We are a scientific manufactory specialized in the Flat Screen Printer Machine and hot air stenter machine.

The Flat Screen Printing Machine works stably and the printing speed is up to 280 pieces per hour. With many years of experience in ink R&D and production, it is safe and environmentally friendly, and has passed many certifications to ensure lower cost in the future!

At present, the flat screen printing machine is sold at home and abroad. Advantages of our Flat screen printing machines are below.

First, digitalization of the whole process of printing

The flat screen printing machine does not need to be plated in advance, with digital printing in the whole process. Our production is fast and flexible as needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Second, change the pattern at any time

The flat screen printing machine is customized for printing, and the printing pattern can be modified at any time. The color, pattern and color matching are more flexible, and the designer's design concept and aesthetic concept can be fully displayed. If the customer is still not satisfied, the color can be modified at any time to ensure customer satisfaction.

Third, green and environmental protection, high printing precision

The flat screen printing machine has a nozzle that controls the nozzle. In the part where dye is needed, the corresponding dye micro-dot is sprayed as needed, and the pattern is sprayed onto the cloth. The printing precision is high, and there is almost no problem with flower and color registration accuracy. The flower pattern and the number of sets of colors are all completed by direct printing.

Fourth, low-cost printing with small-lot

As mentioned above, the flat screen printing does not need to be plated in advance, and the pattern can be changed at will. Thus, the cost of printing in small batches is lower than that of the conventional printing process, so it has good value for money.

If you would like to purchase flat screen printing machine, please contact us whenever you are available.