Types of FLat Screen Printer



There are two types of Flat Screen Printer : frame type and cloth type.

Frame-type screen of Flat Screen Printing Machine

Printed Frame Dynamic Weft Screen Printing The fabric to be printed in the framed screen printing is a hot (or cold) platen with a temperature of about 45 °C. The color paste which is stretched on the frame and patterned on the frame is sequentially scraped onto the fabric with a rubber scraper, and the whole flower can be printed on the fabric in one set and one plate after another. type. Because of the production form of manual labor, the labor intensity of the operators is very high. Most of the screen printing has been semi-automatic, which makes the manual moving frame become electric automatic displacement and positioning, and the manual squeegee printing becomes mechanical electric squeegeing, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.

(1) Advantages of frame-type screen printing of Flat Screen Printing Machine: The size of the 1 unit pattern is less restricted, and special patterns can be printed. 2 sets of colors are not limited. 3 The color and vividness of the color are not as good as other printing methods. 4 The fabric is attached to the platen, which is more conducive to printing fabrics that are easily deformed. 5 Suitable for small-volume, multi-variety high-grade fabric printing production.

(2) Disadvantages of frame-type screen printing of Flat Screen Printing Machine: 1 The equipment has a large area and the workshop must have sufficient length. 2 Straight pattern printing is more difficult to solve. 3 pattern fineness, especially the line fineness is not as good as copper roller printing. 4 Labor productivity is low.

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