Basic Knowledge of Hot Air Stenter



During the processing, the fabric is often subjected to external force, especially in the warp direction, forcing the warp direction to elongate and zonal shrinkage, so the shape size is not stable enough, the width is uneven, the cloth edge is uneven, the weft is Aurora generated by the drying of the drying cylinder, rough feeling, and the like. After the fixed-length finishing, the above shortcomings can be basically corrected.

The sizing is to use the fiber to have a certain plasticity in the wet state, and the door width of the fabric is gradually widened to a predetermined size while heating. Stretching can only be carried out within a certain size range. Excessive stretching will cause the fabric to break, and the shrinkage rate will not reach the standard after excessively stretched. The width of the printed and dyed finished product is the width of the grey fabric multiplied by the processing coefficient of the width. Generally, the width of the finished fabric should be consistent with the width of the finished product. Therefore, if the width of the fabric is not sufficiently standard or the width of the mercerized fabric is slightly narrow, it cannot be stabilized even when the width is widened to the standard width. The tenter can eliminate the internal stress of the fabric part, adjust the state of the warp and weft yarn in the fabric, make the fabric width uniform and uniform, and obtain a relatively stable size in the weft direction. A Hot Air Stenter equipped with a positive weft can also correct the weft caused by the previous process. Fabrics containing synthetic fibers need to be oriented at high temperatures.

Various Hot Air Stenter for fabric sizing finishing: fabric woven tenter for cotton fabrics; high temperature needle plate Hot Air Stenter for synthetic fibers and blended fabrics; other belt tenters, simple structure The footprint is small, but the effect of the tentering is poor, and it is basically no longer used. The fabric tenter is divided into a Hot Air Stenter (hot pull machine) and a platform tenter (flat puller) due to different heating methods. The hot air tenter has a good tentering effect, and can perform sizing finishing and whitening finishing at the same time. The whole machine consists of a padding tank, a single column drying cylinder and a hot air tenter drying room and a falling part. As shown in Figure 4-1.

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