Control System of Rotary Screen Printing Machine



First, the requirements of control system of Rotary Screen Printing Machine

In control system of Rotary Screen Printing Machine, two synchronization problems are mainly solved. The first is the synchronization between the cloth feed rack, the printing guide belt, the drying room conveyor belt and the cloth drop rack. The synchronization between them ensures that the fabric is continuous. When passing through these four units, they are neither stretched nor broken, nor wound. This kind of synchronization is based on the setting of the main command motor as the other three ways. The tension frame is used to realize the closed-loop speed automatic adjustment to achieve the synchronization between the four. Usually, the analog output module of the synchronization controller is used to achieve this synchronization.

The second synchronization is the synchronization between the rotation of the rotary screen and the movement of the guide belt. This is also one of the most critical technologies of Rotary Screen Printing Machine. The synchronization accuracy of the two determines the printing accuracy of the entire printing machine. The synchronization between the conduction bands and the synchronization accuracy between the circular nets has become one of the most important issues in system design. With the continuous popularization and improvement of the level of computer technology, especially with the increasingly perfect digital servo system and the decrease in cost, it becomes possible for each circular net to use a servo control system to drive independently. Compared with the traditional mechanical coaxial transmission and the circular net independent transmission, there are already obvious gaps. These gaps are mainly manifested as:

(1) There are many transmission links, and the accumulated error is large, which affects the printing accuracy.

(2) As the machine wears out, it is prone to "run-out" and affect the stability of printing quality.

(3) Variety adaptability is limited and it is not suitable for processing heavy structures (> 180g / m2).

(4) The range of vertical alignment is limited. More information please check below link: