What Are the Problems of Hot Air Stenter and How to Prevent



Answer: The Hot Air Stenter is prone to problems such as oil stains, unsatisfactory door widths, peeling, broken edges, needle holes out of edges, double sides, stains.

(1) Grease. Impurities such as oil wax, rust, etc. are mixed in the water vapor to condense and drop on the silk. Regular cleaning of machinery and equipment is required.

(2) The width of the door is not satisfactory. The AM screw is damaged, resulting in inaccurate pointer indications. Measure the falling door width in time and find that the indicated door width does not match the actual measured door width. The cause should be found out. If it is a mechanical failure, stop it for repair.

(3) Detachment. Periodic disengagement is caused by inflexible or damaged fabric, intermittent or entire disengagement, and needle removal. There are many reasons. For example, the cloth inside the cloth will cause detachment; the edge protector fails, the position of the fabric on the machine is too skewed, the cloth chain is loose and the detachment occurs, the brush is not compressed or the brush is stained too much. Dirt, yarn ends, the fabric is not close to the needle board or the air is too strong, etc., will cause needle off. Cloths and brushes should always be kept clean and free of debris. The edge protector should be repaired in time. The chain should be regularly maintained for mechanical maintenance. The fabric loading position should be centered, and the width of the door should be aligned with each other, and the difference between the door widths should not exceed 0.5 cm.

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