Use Tips of Rotary Screen Printing Machine Ι



Rotary screen printing is a printing method that uses a scraper to print the color paste in the rotary screen onto the fabric under pressure.

1. Rotary screen printing mechanism

Rotary screen printing machine usually consists of four parts: cloth feeding device, printing head, drying device and cloth falling device.

At present, the rotary screen printing machine usually has eight colors, twelve colors, sixteen colors, twenty-four colors and other rotary screen printing machines. There are two types of printing machines: 640mm and 904mm. Among them, 640mm Huahui rotary screen printing machines are mostly. The rotary screen printing machine is easy to operate, has low labor intensity and high output, and is suitable for printing of various fabrics.

1.cloth feeding device

The cloth feeding device of the rotary screen printing machine includes cloth feeding and cloth rolling. When the cloth is rolled into the cloth, the swing-type cloth guide is pressed against the cloth roll, and the cloth is guided to the printing device by rotating the cloth guide. When the cloth is fed, the fabric is printed with the rubber crawler running in a loop. This track is first coated with a thin layer of thermoplastic resin on the surface of the rubber roots, which can evenly stick the fabric. An infrared radiation heater is installed next to the rubber spokes to heat the resin on the track. Thermoplastic resin can process 200,000 to 1 million meters of fabric at a time. If the viscosity is not good, recoat it.

2.Printing device

The rotary screen printing device includes a rotary screen, a scraper, and a pulp feeding device.

1)Rotary netting is a flower version of the printing machine, manufactured by Baometal, also known as nickel mesh,

Hexagonal mesh. The two ends of the round net are fixed with a slack head to prevent the round net from deforming during printing, which affects the accuracy of the flower.

Can withstand the pressure of color paste and scraper during printing. In order to improve the elasticity of the circular net and reduce the pressure, the circular net should be installed away from the centerline of the support spokes, and generally about 16mm away. Each cylinder screen has a reading device, which can show the pressure of the scraper blade in all directions.