Use Tips of Rotary Screen Printing Machine ΙΙ



Printing device rotary screen printing device includes a rotary screen, a scraper, and a pulp feeding device.

1. Rotary netting is a flower version of Rotary Screen Printing Machine made of nickel metal, also known as nickel mesh,

Hexagonal mesh. The two turbulences of the round net are fixed with a bulkhead to prevent the round net from being shaped when printing, which affects the accuracy of the flower.

2. The scraper of the scraper rotary screen printing machine is installed on the scraper frame of the rotary screen center line. Scraper

There is a feeding tube. The scraper is made of steel, slag and steel alloy, which has the characteristics of small friction coefficient and adjustable angle. During printing, the blade edge of the scraper is tangent to the inner circle of the circular screen, and the scraper blade is a compound action that mainly applies pressure to the color paste and is supplemented by scraping.

The blade pressure and position of Rotary Screen Printing Machine can be adjusted to adapt to various patterns and various thick and thin color pastes. printing device rotary screen printing machine is automatic feeding. Each cylinder is equipped with a feed system. When supplying color paste, one end of the plastic tube on the machine is sheathed on the metal feed tube, and the other end of the machine is inserted into the color paste bucket, which is pumped into the circular screen, and the height of the color paste liquid level is automatically controlled by the electrode.

Drying and cloth printing equipment. Rotary screen printing machines are dried with loose hot air. After printing and rubber shoes

The belt is separated and introduced into the drying section. It is loosely laid on the polyester net and dried by hot air.

The advantages and disadvantages of rotary screen printing machine rotary screen printing machine has low labor intensity, high production efficiency, suitable for fabrics

Responsiveness. Suitable for chemical fiber fabrics,

Knitwear, sheer fabric printing. Can get the effect of lively flowers and bright colors, and can avoid the color

Defect. However, due to the limitation of the circular screen structure, the effect is not very satisfactory when printing fine lines. More information please check hotairstenter