Safety Operation Regulations of Rotary Screen Printing Machine



1. There should be safety measures for cleaning and disassembly of the scraper used in the screen. When disassembling the scraper, the left hand should be held on the back of the knife spraying tube, and the blade should not be supported by the palm of your hand. If you are accustomed to using the hand support method, you should line the palm with a pad to prevent cuts. After removing the knife, it should be placed on a special knife tray holder, and then rinsed or washed with water. Do not wipe the knife directly with your hands. Although the blade is not sharp, it is easy to cut your hand because the blade is thin.

2. Both sides of Rotary Screen Printing Machine should be provided with special skid prevention and drainage platforms to prevent slipping accidents. A clear drainage ditch should be set under the platform to prevent stagnant water caused by stagnant water and summertime.

3. The hot air drying oven should be equipped with explosion-proof pressure relief safety measures. Open the explosion-proof pressure relief door on the top of the flood house. There are also four corners of the entire roof plate fixed on the top without screws. Instead, it is fastened with 200300mm long screws. , When no pressure, the top plate returns to its original position. The advantage of this form is that there is no need to open explosion-proof pressure relief doors on the top plate.

4. To feed the fabric with rolled fabric, first lower the lifting arm on the cloth feeding device. When the lifting arm is lowered, there should be no one below, and then press the active cloth feed roller on the lifting arm to the cloth roll. When the cloth roll is rotating, the operator is not allowed to handle the failure by hand at the entrance of the roller.

5. When Rotary Screen Printing Machine is running, do not do cleaning work or deal with faults in the rubber blanket interlayer (reverse side). When cleaning the rack, do not wash with water to maintain the equipment and prevent leakage. The water temperature when cleaning the rubber blanket must not exceed 50X2, too high water temperature will affect the life of the rubber blanket. More information please check below link: