Appropriate Cleaning Method of Hot Air Stenter



The appropriate cleaning method of Hot Air Stenter plays an important role in smooth operation, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine.

All printing and dyeing companies want to make the full use of the Hot Air Stenter and maintain high evaporation efficiency. Once the equipment is in use, it is the manufacturer's own business.

One of the shortcomings of the ordinary Hot Air Stenter is the decrease in efficiency due to the clogging of the cotton dust filter. During each operation, cotton dust and other impurities filtered out from the dry circulating air system will gradually accumulate, creating resistance, reducing the pressure at the vent, and thus reducing evaporation efficiency.

Currently, many dryers and heat treatment equipment still use plug-in filters. If they do not open the door of the drying chamber, they cannot clean the machine. Since the cleaning of the filter and the reheating of the drying chamber can waste time, it can adversely affect the productivity of the equipment.

The dual filter system introduced in the data about 6 years ago is a big step forward. The device is installed outside the machine and can be taken out without opening the drying chamber door. It can be cleaned without stopping the machine. When the filter is unplugged, another filter will automatically replenish the position. Due to the accumulation of cotton wool, the pressure is still reduced, which means that the efficiency will also be reduced.

The print manufacturer understands that, although the cotton batting is removed and basic cleaning is performed on each shift, the screens will gradually become clogged and require frequent and thorough cleaning. Most importantly, the filter must be removed and cleaned with detergent using a high-pressure cleaning device.

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