Electrical Control Principle of Flat Screen Printing Machine



The net moving Flat Screen Printing Machine is to paste the fabric on a fixed printing platen, and use manual or semi-mechanical operation to make the color frame move intermittently along the length of the fabric. The length and width of the platen depend on the type of fabric being processed. In order to make the tabletop have proper elasticity, a layer of artificial leather is often laid on the surface, and a blanket or a double-sided cotton blanket is placed under the artificial leather.

There is a heating device under the platen to keep the temperature of the table surface at 45C, which is convenient for fabric pasting and drying the color paste, and prevents the color paste from being mixed when printing on the front and rear color frames. There are positioning holes on both sides of the platen to fix the position of the color frame to prevent misalignment.

Manual platen printing is not subject to tension, color frame size, and color registration number, which makes it difficult to match colors. Particularly suitable for silk, synthetic fibers, knitted fabrics and large flower or floor printing. However, since the application of the cloth, moving the frame, and scraping are all manual operations, the operators have high technical requirements, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, and are prone to print defects such as uneven scraping.

When printing on a semi-automatic platen printing machine, the color frame is automatically raised and lowered, automatically shifted, and scraped automatically by the manual patch and automatic control mechanism.

The cloth moving Flat Screen Printing Machine adopts computer control technology, which realizes automatic cloth feeding, automatic patching, automatic lifting of color frame, automatic scraping, automatic drying of fabrics and automatic cloth discharging, reducing the labor intensity of operators and improving production. Efficiency is a type of Flat Screen Printing Machine currently in use.