Please Operate Hot Air Stenter Carefully


 Before starting the Hot Air Stenter , please check that the mechanical, electrical, instrument and safety protection devices are intact. Set the temperature according to the process requirements and then turn on the circulation fan. The vehicle speed during heating is 15m / min, which can reach the temperature before reaching the set temperature. After meeting the requirements of the cloth, open the active brush wheel and press the cloth against the needle plate so that both sides are flush. At the same time, lower the passive brush wheel and tighten the cloth. When starting the main unit, first press the doorbell to inform the rear operator. When placing it in the back of the car, the cloth should be threaded and tightened as fast as possible. Rear personnel should cooperate with each other.

The most important thing is that the safety cover of hot air stenter should be in a good condition to prevent the carding cloth from hanging on the sleeve, and to avoid the chain breaking and flying out and hurting people.

Tighten the emergency stop switch and ensure that the feeding of the rolling rope is safe, reliable and useful. When the wiper is put into use, it must be stopped. Roll up the upper roller and don't ignore it.

To avoid damaging the rubber roller and causing an accident, the gray cloth must be sewn up and not tied up.

Before shutting down the hot air stenter, the temperature should be reported to the hot-fill heat transfer furnace. Then stop the circulation fan, open the door for cooling, and run the host and the top exhaust fan separately. Before stopping, you can reduce the temperature to 80 ° C, which can avoid uneven heating of the chain clothes.

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